Isogrid Structures

CirComp Products IsoGrid

FilaWin® - Cost effective and lightweight

CirComp offers a novel integral approach based on FilaWin® filament winding of continuous carbonfibre reinforced composite Isogrid structures based on lattice stiffening concept.

Isogrid structures consist of triangular arranged fins with nodes for distribution of the loads. This design is in itself very stable construction even without the attached skin.

If required the Isogrid structure can be finished with outer skin which is manufactured by FilaWin® filament winding immediately on top of the Isogrid structures. This leads to integral Isogrid structure with outer skin in a very cost effective process.

CirComp Products IsoGridBike

Flexible design possibilities

The filament winding process is compared to conventional manufacturing processes less material and labor intensive and therefore very efficient. Inserts for the attachment of neighboring and secondary components can be integrated.

CirComp has managed to develop the formation of nodes and to establish production processes for the production of timber frame construction in the filament winding process.

The Isogrid Design Handbook, NASA - CR - 124075, provides the example of a rocket structure, the high efficiency of a triangular stiffened Isogrid structure. The potential of such lightweight timber frame structure is diverse and is for example in the field of production of aircraft structures , satellite structures , helicopter structures (tail boom), rolls and waves, robot arms, cantilevers, unmanned submersibles (unmanned underwater vehicle, UUV ) and unmanned aerial vehicles (unmanned aerial vehicle UAV).

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